"Grammy night is most definitely a time to celebrate and SU's Fashion Editor, Joshua James, choreographed an amazing rock n' roll fashion show that had the entire crowd of over a thousand on their feet!"

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine
Mother's Day Edition 2010
"Thank you so much JOSHUA for everything. You were amazing and I'm so happy with the results of the show last night. I had a blast! Thank you! Well done. You taught them very well. See you soon!"

Merlin Castell
Fashion Designer (Bravo's "The Fashion Show")
"Thanks to our amazing fashion show producer, Joshua James, our catwalk spectacular in the Big Apple was our best yet."

Kimberly Lawrence
Supermodels Unlimited Magazine
Thank you so much for the Great Venue and Event. And all the help that you did, it was Amazing and I love love love the staircase. It was Fabulous, I was up top looking down and felt like Coco Chanel for like a minute. LOL

But Definitely an amazing turn out and Breath Taking event.

Until Next time,

Peter Phan
Fashion Designer
"Congrats Joshua! One of the best productions we've seen!"
(Five Nine Event)

"You are one of the greatest Joshua!"
(SU Magazine All-Star Event)

Runway Icon
Fashion Photographers/Media

"I love working with Joshua James on events. The show was well organized, the models were stunning, makeup was on point, the energy is always incredible."

Tyrin "Doe" Ford
CEO, Ethno Nightlife
Fashion Media
"Joshua James. What can I say about him? There's so much to say.

First off, when it comes to business, he's all about business. Don't get me wrong, he makes work fun at the same time. Joshua James is a great friend, a great coach, great everything. He tries his best to make things happen. Whether he gives you a reason or not, Joshua knows best. I never have a doubt about him; or question his thoughts. He's great to work with--full of energy and a great attitude. He works hard, but plays harder. So to those who are thinking about collaborating with Joshua, there's is no thinking involved! Work with him, and guarantee you you will be satisfied!

Thanks Joshua for all the help you have given me. Until this day, you are still there for me. Keep up the good work!"

Much love,

Princess Relos
Make-up Artist
"I have modeled in several of Joshua's fashion shows and it is always a pleasure to work with him. Joshua is a great team builder, he knows how to put an event together, put the staff and talent at ease, control the flow so that everything happens on time, and all in all pull off a great show. Joshua is highly recommended."


Jacqueline Depaul
"Working with Joshua is always a pleasure. Taking care of his people and always insuring the highest caliber of professionalism."

Chris Leslie
Cabana Photography

"So the Lord was with Joshua, and his fame spread throughout the land." -Joshua 6:27
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